How one startup in Atlanta is reshaping a $5B industry

Kovered is streamlining partnerships between artists and brands.

Kovered is streamlining partnerships between artists and brands.


For decades now, an expansive gap has existed between brands and the talented musical artists they needed to bring their marketing messages to life. From a company or marketing agency’s perspective, finding talent was an immensely time-consuming task, between having to wade through the so-called “Google maze,” not to mention hammering out all the legality and payment details. For artists, breaking through the red tape and making the right connections was exhausting and in many cases, demoralizing.

What if there was an online marketplace where musicians could connect with companies who were in need of musical talent? Where marketers seeking skilled artists could easily find exactly what they’re looking for without having to waste valuable time in the process? Where emerging entertainers could be matched with those willing and able to pay them for their work?

That’s precisely what the Kovered platform is designed for, and it’s literally turning the commercial music industry on its side.

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