Top ways music can really help brands sell.

Can music really sell?  The answer to this question is somewhat subjective, as music can be such a personal experience to people. The way a certain song impacts one individual may fail to make any type of connection with another and vice versa. The one thing that most experts agree on, however, is that music is powerful – particularly from a marketing standpoint – because it evokes emotion.

Think about it. As the years go by, memories of days past tend to slowly fade away. That is, until that one song comes on the radio. The one that instantly transports you to another time and place in your life, and suddenly those vivid memories come rushing back. You probably even remember all the words. Few things in life can have that much of an impact.

The songs we listen to tell stories. They conjure long-lost memories. They help us connect with those around us and forge moments in time that become etched in our subconscious where they can be instantly brought back to life with just a few notes or verses. And this isn’t just theory. According to a report by LiveScience, brain scans conducted by cognitive neuroscientists revealed a quantifiable, intrinsic correlation between music and recall. As marketers have learned over the years, when we weave music in with the branding process, it can have the same powerful effect.

With brands across every industry struggling to compete in today’s changing landscape, the one thing that has and will continue to remain constant is the power, influence and universal appeal of music. Whether you are an emerging artist seeking new or additional ways to monetize your talent or a marketing professional in search of the perfect sound to bring your latest campaign together, we invite you to give Kovered a try. Sign up today to get started.

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